On all other sections of this website we have not mentioned the equipment in any detail.

This is intentional...

The issue is not the equipment and technical aspect itself.

What is really important is the know-how of how to use the proper technical solution for the particular project or production.

The prerequisite for a successful production, irrespective of whether it concerns the recording of a rock band or a voice-over for a relaxation production, is the ability to communicate and cooperate. The capacity of being able to understand the various bits and pieces that constitute the whole picture. The knowledge of what a project consists of and how best to organize the time and money. The technical aspect is only part of this process. However, it remains an important aspect...

That is why we need to maintain the highest performance where equipment is concerned. It is necessary to master the equipment and also have the experience from previous recordings. For several years, Audioteket Studio has been working with both analogue and digital equipment. Today we utilize mostly digital equipment with a Pro Tools HD system at the centre. However, we still keep all our analogue material and use it should the client so wish.

Audioteket Studio is located in the South of Sweden, in the centre of Landskrona.


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