Multimedia & Internet

Sounds for the new digital media pose special demands on both equipment and production.

Only a couple of years ago, sound and music required enormous space on hard drives and CDs. Today, we are able to compress sounds without degradation in the quality.

Since 1994, Audioteket Studio has produced digital sound for many satisfied multimedia producers. This has given us the necessary knowledge and experience that is required to record a voice-over, music and sound effects and convert the sound into the appropriate format for iPods, IPTV, mobiles and other digital media.

The ever increasing speed of the Internet is changing the demand on the Web. Users want to increase their experience with sounds, music and movies. We noticed this fact early on and that is why our knowledge concerning sounds on the Internet is extensive. Furthermore, our sound engineers have the necessary know-how concerning coding for the internet: Html, Java, Php, xml, QuickTime, MP3, and Flash etc.

Simply tell us how you intend to use the sounds or music and we will be able to help every step of the way. We edit, process, optimize and compress the recordings for the best possible result.




Movie & Theatre

Sounds for Movies and Theatres are special because all sound and music has to interact with either the moving image or the actors. This process demands a great deal of attention and co-operation between all participants. The process also demands the correct equipment as well as considerable creativity.

For several years, Audioteket Studio has participated in many sound designs for the movie industry, TV and Theatre. Apart from sound design for movies directly in Pro Tools (which is part of Avid), our sound designers have the necessary knowledge of video editing in software such as Final Cut.

If we do not create anything new, then Audioteket Studio has a large library of sound effects at its disposal. As a client you will have access to part of this library through our VIP-access.

A selection of clients:
With various Media Agencies we have recorded sounds, music and voice-overs for companies including SAS, Ericsson, Tetra Pak, Volvo, and SCA. We have also made sound designs for Swedish national TV (SVT) and Radio (P3).