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In our Studio we can meet every need to produce a full-scale CD-production or just simple over-dubs. We can help you all the way: From the original idea to mastered end-product. If the idea is to record a band, song writing and arrangement for artists, recoding of vocals on pre-recorded songs, then we can make this happen.

Over the years, we have recorded many bands and artists of different genres. From children's songs to unusual sounds, from punk to classical music, from hit lists to the twitter of birds.

For us, everything is equally exciting!


musikproduktion 02

Here are some record labels, bands and artists that have recorded their work at Audioteket Studio:

Labels like Sony Music, EMI, Warner Music, and HepTown Records. Bands and artists like Sander & Gander, The Skalatones, Easybeat, Ingela Wahlgren, Mobster, The Bustups, Forest & Crispian, Karin Turesson, The Punch and more.

In our facilities in the centre of Landskrona in Sweden, it is easy to let creativity flow.