Simple, informative or with a sound logo, effects, symphony orchestra and famous voices?

Whatever it takes to get your message through?

An important factor is time and time is expensive. In a short space of time, a message must:

  1. Catch the listener's attention and interest.
  2. Get the listener to remember your message.
  3. Get the listener to act on the message; i.e. buy the product that is being offered.

This is not that easy all of the time...

We have produced commercials and sounds for TV and Radio since 1993 and consider it self-evident to help our clients all the way from the embryo of an idea to the finished production, including brainstorming, manuscripts, casting, recording, mixing and mastering.

When bringing the message across with sounds only, you substitute the moving image with the "Theatre of the mind" and "audible pictures".

Some of the clients we had the pleasure of working with include:

TV4, NRJ, Radio Stella, City 107, Radio Rix, TV-shop, Tvins, ICA