Sound and music can be found almost everywhere and the need is increasing all the time. Audioteket Studio is a full-service studio that can offer:
Music & CD-production
We can help you all the way; from idea to the finished product. If the idea is to record a band, song writing and arrangement for artists, recoding of vocals on pre-recorded songs, then we have the necessary expertise.
Voice-over recordings
We have the professional voice talents, the new state-of-the-art equipment, the creative ideas and the necessary experience to satisfy the need of our costumers, both for small and large scale projects.
Sound design
The need for voice-overs, sound and music for all kinds of productions is increasing all the time. The new digital Medias are posing new demands while, at the same time, TV and Theatre are undergoing change. We can create new sounds and re-create old ones. We can adapt sounds to suit your production.
Voice-overs, music and sound effects are all vital parts of advertising. Whether it is for Radio, TV or the Internet, we are able to use these tools to ensure that your message gets through.
Mastering & Remix
Mastering is a sophisticated audio process that enhances and technically prepares the final mix for CD replication. This includes "P&Q" sub coding and other processes that are essential for a properly mastered record. We also remix music with a fresh approach.
Graphic Production
For several years now Audioteket Studio has produced record sleeves and other printed matter for a number of artists and companies.