Sounds can be found everywhere! To capture and reproduce them, knowledge, experience and the right equipment are required...

Audioteket Studio has extensive experience where recording music and sound is concerned. We have recorded everything from folk music to punk, from sound effects to soundtracks, from sitar to guitar. At Audioteket Studio, we consider everything to be equally exciting!

We work within several fields of the Recording Business.
Our area of operations includes voice-over recordings for corporate presentations, multimedia, e-learning, telephone switchboards and advertising. Artists benefit from our Music- and CD-production. Sound design for TV, Movies and Theatre. Recording of textbooks and audio books. Production of music backgrounds and sound effects. When working with sound and music, every detail requires careful attention. It is crucial that the sound is perfect and not just simply good!

Audioteket Studio has been working with sound and music ever since 1989 and has developed the necessary expertise to know when a recording is at its best. Every production is unique and that is what makes it so inspiring for us in the studio.

We also strive to keep the technical standards extremely high. The latest equipment allows us full control over the productions we are working with.

Present-day IT development has made communications and the transfer of files so much easier. This is the reason why Audioteket Studio now has the possibility of offering several services to international clients. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Today, Audioteket Studio is a modern, well-established recording facility situated in the south of Sweden, supplying many domestic and international clients.